Born in 1989 in Berlin, Germany, Ivo Berg grew up in the eastern part of the city. At the age of 19, he made first contact with photography and became hooked almost instantly. What followed were years of extensive practical study during which he experimented with subjects like creative self portraiture, collages and macro photography. Almost no subject or style remained untouched.

Over the course of the years, Ivo Berg developed a special interest for Urban Exploration Photography as well as Travel Photography, which both represent a major part of his creative output today.

To date, photography has led him to a variety of exotic places all over the world including Chile, USA, South-East Asia as well as India and a good bit of Europe. Whenever he is not traveling, Ivo is using his hometown Berlin as a backdrop for his arts.

His work appeared in a variety of international media and publications such as “The Daily Telegraph” (UK), “Welt der Wunder Magazin” (GER) and the coffee-table book “Exposure” by Jonathan Steffen.

(Image: Tobias Ortmann)


2016 · Single Exhibition ‘INDIA-DAY AND NIGHT‘ · Babylon Berlin